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Weight Loss for Idiots

A lot of our readers have been asking me about the Fat Loss 4 Idiots – or Weight Loss for Idiots – diet. The Weight Loss for Idiots diet claims that you can lose 9 pounds in 11 days. They also say you can continue to lose weight if you continue the Weight Loss for Idiots diet long term.

Both of these assertions deserve some scrutiny, and the Weight Loss for Idiots diet deserves a little analysis. In a nutshell, here's how the Weight Loss for Idiots diet works:

The basics of Weight Loss for Idiots can be summed up in these four points:

  1. What you can eat: lean proteins, fruit, vegetables and a small amount of starchy carbs.

  2. How much you can eat: 4 or 5 times a day until you feel satisfied but not stuffed – "just short of being full".

  3. The diet follows a cycled pattern: 9 days on, then 2 days of eating whatever you want.

  4. Exercise: daily walking to help increase metabolism.

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How does the Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan measure up?

Point 1: What you can eat on the Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan: A-

Weight Loss for Idiots gets this right, in my book. I and other nutritionists have long been advocating a diet of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, a modest amount of carbohydrate and fat. The Weight Loss for Idiots diet also emphasizes whole foods rather than processed and refined foods. So, go for whole oats over corn flakes and brown rice over pasta. On the food recommendations of the Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan, I give Weight Loss for Idiots a grade of A-.

Why the minus? Because the "off days" are so highly unspecified. This gives anyone who loves carbohydrates or fried foods license to binge. "Anything you want" days is a bad idea. There need to be parameters for these days. I would recommend limiting fried foods to only once per week, sugary treats to two servings a week, and so on.

Point 2: How to eat on the Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan: B-

Eating smaller, more frequent meals is an excellent weight loss technique. A+

weight loss for idiots Since there is no calorie counting, the Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan is easier to follow than diets that require you to weigh and count the calories you consume. The downside of this, of course, is the fact that instead of counting calories, you are eating "just short of being full". This is a very non-scientific and easy to abuse rule of thumb. For emotional eaters, satisfaction is more than the feeling of fullness in the stomach. And for everyone else, is it really easy to determine when we are almost full? D

I prefer simple food measuring techniques, such as having a palm-size amount of meat for your protein.

Point 3: The Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan's eating cycle: B+

Weight Loss for Idiots recommends an approach to eating that cycles macro-nutrient ratios in order to trick your metabolism into thinking you are not on a starvation, calorie-restricted diet. When we eat a low amount of calories every day for long periods of time, our body goes into starvation mode and actually holds onto fat reserves for future energy needs. This is one of the most tragically ironic problems of long term low-calorie dieting. You are giving your body signals to burn the food you eat rather than burn the fat on your butt and belly. B+

The key here is to vary the calorie consumption from day to day. Go lean one day with a diet of mostly fruit and veggie meals (an excellent idea if you indulged in food or drink the day before). On more active days, eat a full spectrum of proteins, starches and fruits and vegetables. Don't be afraid of healthy fats like raw or soaked nuts and seeds, avocado and coconut oil (great for revving up your metabolism).

Point 4: The Weight Loss for Idiots exercise recommendations: D-

Exercise isn't adequately addressed in the Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan. It recommends daily walking, which is a good idea for anyone, but if you're seriously trying to burn fat, walking won't do squat. Squats, however, now we're talking. The type of exercise that will 1) significantly increase your metabolic rate and 2) really burn fat is strength training, or resistance training. See my article on this for details. My grade for the Weight Loss for Idiots exercise component: D-.

My overall grade for the Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan: B-

The cost is $39, which is worthwhile if you are not a self-initiating type and likes a diet plan with concrete structure and menus. If you do purchase the Weight Loss for Idiots plan, I recommend that you make the modifications that I outlined in this article.

Happy weight loss!

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