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Cellulite and the Sauna

Saunas are one of the most enjoyable ways I discovered to detox my body and help reduce the formation of cellulite, which is a condition of toxicity as much as it is fat accumulation. The skin is the body's largest organ and one of the primary routes for detoxification. During a sauna, toxins are eliminated through the skin as an element of perspiration.

Something every woman should know about cellulite: cellulite develops from toxins that are trapped in the layers of skin tissue. If you're trying to lose cellulite, exercise will help somewhat, but detoxification will help the most. One of the more gentle and enjoyable methods of detoxification is the sauna.

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Here are a few tips for taking saunas:

Saunas require you to use your own good judgment. Over a period of time, you can build up to rather long periods in the sauna, with great results. But you need to do that gradually. When you first begin doing saunas, stay in until you begin to feel uncomfortable. Initially, this might only be five or 10 minutes. If you find yourself becoming lightheaded or nauseous, it's definitely time to quit for the day.

After you have finished your detox sauna, take a shower. End your shower with cold water, even if for only a couple of seconds. Sometimes, I go back into the sauna. I always finish with a hot shower followed by a brief cold shower.

Always drink a lot of water before entering your sauna. I can easily drink more than a quart of water in a half-hour in the sauna. Taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement is also a good idea. It helps the detoxification process that's been stimulated by sweating and makes sure that you're not losing too much potassium via perspiration. Eating a banana before you sauna can also help keep your potassium level high.

As part of the shower, wash your hair to remove toxins from your scalp. Use clean towels and then throw them into the laundry, for they are now holding some of the toxins that have come out of your body.

Saunas are not recommended for some types of people. These include pregnant women, or women who might be pregnant. There is some disagreement about whether it might be harmful in early pregnancy, but why take a chance? Saunas are not recommended for those with high blood pressure or heart disease. Still, some books say saunas are helpful because they allow blood vessels to expand, thereby improving circulation. I urge you to consult your physician if you are someone with high blood pressure or heart disease.

If you're highly toxic from a known chemical exposure, this could be an effective way to help regain your health, however, it's a good idea to be under medical supervision.

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